Welcome on my blog! My name is Noemi and I am dietitian, business woman and last but not the least mother of an adolescent.


Everyone has a story. Me, too. Mine begun 23 years ago, when due the traditional, mostly meat based diet, my body revenged itself.At that time were not so many speciality books, no internet, no any other crutch about natural solutions but, simply observing the reactions of my body and listening to the voice within I took the decision and I’ ve changed my diet. From a traditional meat, meat and potatoes based diet I swapped to a healthy one and in this way, only naturally, I succeeded to solve all my health problems that I had without any kind of medication.

In case that you already took the decision or you are close enough to jump toward to your new lifestyle, through my blog, I intend to help you to make your first steps, to help you to change, to inspire you, support you to implement all the logistics necessary for a healthy lifestyle in which, doesn’t matter how old are you, you can feel yourself young and good in your own skin, healthy, beautiful, radiant, full of energy and you can reach and keep your long term optimal weight.

Anything I’ ve listed above can be achieved by following the suggestions in my recipes which all are nourishing, delicious and easy to prepare and so tasty that you’ ll be astonished to see that even your fast food dependent adolescent will adore them.

The lifestyle and the eating habits that I represent are based mostly on seasonal fruits, vegetables and plant based ingredients. I am convinced that, like in my case too, the transition doesn’ t occur during the night. This is the reason why you are going to find some recipes with meat as well.

My blog will lead you on your path where you can learn how to cook “pure” foods that do not contain:

  • preservatives
  • colourings
  • aroma
  • flavour enhancers
  • or any other unnatural chemicals for body

are free from all the following refined ingredients like:

  • white sugar
  • refined oil
  • others

and will teach you how to use and enjoy the natural, unrefined substitutes of these refined ingredients.


Getting rid of the extra fat and maintaining your optimal weight, preventing and curing most of XXI. century’s disease, are possible only by changing completely your lifestyle, mostly your eating habits.

The stories behind my blog were the willingness to help you to achieve your own goals, to help you to create your own new lifestyle, to share with you my own experiences and to encourage you with my professional advices.

Getting rid of the well known bad habits, daily routines, traditional recipes, fast food meals that we like so much and introducing new tastes, food combinations, spices in the kitchen are not easy tasks. Above all of these maybe the hardest part are the implementations of the new lifestyle’s logistics in the kitchen.

My blog’s posts are based on my clients most frequently asked questions and requests concerning a healthy lifestyle and I hope you will find as well what you are searching for.

Hope you are going to dwell on my blog for a while and I’ m waiting curiously for all your feedbacks, questions, concerning regarding any posts, recipes or for any of your suggestion or advice.