Fabulous, purple, winter juice

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Even if we admit it or not the winter is leaving serious marks on us. Days are short, windy, chill and dull. Generally our calorie intake especially in form of carbohydrates are higher. During the winter holiday seasons we get on extra one or two kilograms of “warming” love handles and now at the end of the winter when we are already eagerly waiting for spring to come we are so afraid of the spring fatigue sign’s.

The next specially winter juiced drink is a flavored delicacy, true immune enhancer, rejuvenating, energizing, rich in iron and antioxidants wonder.

The secret? Two winter ingredients, grape juice and a handful of frozen forrest berries. In other words, what we can find in our freezer…

The fabulous, purple, winter juice recipe


  • 1 bigger red cabbage
  • 3 medium beetroots
  • 1-2 ginger, walnut size
  • 1 liter frozen or pasteurized grape juice
  • 500 g blackberries
  • 200 g black currants
  • a good quality juicer



Place the vegetables, the ginger and the defrosted forest berries in your juicer. Incorporate the grape juice and it’s done.

Tips & Tricks: 

  • You can substitute the grape juice with red apple juice
  • Instead of blackerries and black currants you can use any other dark berries like: blueberries, mulberries or even red currants.


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