Raw vegan oatmeal breakfast

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It’s no secret that I love cooked oatmeal breakfast, the oatmeal porridge! Especially in winter when I grave hot meals, for sure I’ll have it three or four times a week in the morning. I prepare it in so many ways that I just can’t get bored of it.

Sometimes although, especially in the summer, I prefer some cold, not cooked, rather raw-vegan meals.
I love this kind of breakfast too, because doesn’t require any cooking, just a minute from your time in the evening, a few hours of rest in the fridge during the night and just a little topping added in the morning. That’s it! So simple!

All we need for the raw vegan oatmeal breakfast, for one serving:

  • all the amount given from the picture below of: chia seeds, oat flakes, goji seeds, raisins and crispy buckwheat flakes, placed in almond milk or a blend of almond and cashew milk, left over night in the fridge
  • served with our favourite topping in the morning.

Tips and Tricks:

  • So, this breakfast can be made, combined, flavored and served in plenty of variations. One thing you can’t do, too mess it up.
  • What’s your favourite combination? Mine is this one …


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