Raw vegan cauliflower cream spread

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If I could only count how many times I heard from friends, acquaintances and clients the question: “What could I spread on the bread instead of butter and margarine? My answer  is simple “Any cream spreads made of any kind of ingredients”
“But, what kind of?”

Cream spreads can be made of a wide variety of plant based ingredients such as vegetables, seeds, green leaves, legumes and even more. Yeah, of course here, I just mentioned meat-free materials, because almost everybody knows how to make a cream spread based on meat, fish, liver, cottage cheese or eggs.
Believe me from vegan ingredients it’s even easier to prepare more nutritious, healthy and varied creams that can be served on bread or with pieces of vegetable sticks.
In my family one of our big favorite is the “cottage cheese cream imitation” made out of raw cauliflower.
I truly recommend to try it. Believe me, is worth the trouble and you won’t regret it!

Raw vegan cauliflower cream spread:



Place the cauliflower roses in the blender’s large bowl, add the spices and grind till you get a homogeneous but not too creamy spread.

Tips & tricks:

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