To drink or not to drink?

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“Eat as if you were drinking and drink as if you would eating!” says an old saying. But what does this old, wise, but nowadays more than forgotten advice mean? Do we have to relearn drinking? What is the recommended daily quantity? What quantity of liquid, hydrating fluid do we need day by day? Are we raising a dehydrated generation? And last but not least what is the difference between drinking and hydrating?

During my work often encounter these sad and defensive statements: “Well, it’s seem that I have forgotten to drink …” or “But I’m not thirsty!”, “One or two glasses of coke are enough for me!”, “I can’t drink water! “,”Thanks, no tea. I’m not sick! “And I could still list some more. Actually all of the above are true. Did we really forget how to stay hydrated? Are we really not thirsty at all, just because in the past 20-30-40 years we have been accustomed minimal quantities of hydrating liquids and it’s really enough to drink a bit of bubble soft drink wich is so much more tasty and familiar that you are not able to swallow the water just because it has “no taste”?…

I have to disappoint you. If you will continue to do so, the following phenomena may occur:

8 signs of dehydration

  1. Hunger. Would you have thought that you were often thirsty, but instead of drinking you are eating? You are thirsty, but instead of drinking, though you are not hungry, you introduce unnecessary calories in your body and your body thirsts further on meanwhile you are fattening? Our brains can not send precisely distinguishable signals for thirst and hunger. Unfortunately, we often take the signs incorrectly and instead of drinking, we start to eat. Let’s say it’s understandable, because we like to eat better than drink! This still does not solve our dehydration but contributes to fattening the love handles. If you feel hungry, have a drink first. It can only have a positive effect on you, because if you are thirsty, the sensation will disappear but if you are hungry, you hydrate your inner organs first and eat in 15 minutes!
  2. The first sign of a mild dehydration is licking of your lips. My dear ladies, it’s good to know that in the morning, carefully and accurately applied lipstick is wiped away in most cases just because we are dehydrated. Yeah, and if you think that licking away your own lipstick is a bad habit, just consider that it’s your dehydration that you got used with it over the years and it’s even worse than a  bad habit! One is the result of the other.
  3. Headache! Our body constantly uses water, potassium and sodium. If the amount of water decreases in our blood, chemical reactions will occur which cause headaches. Did you know? Most of the times your headache dosn’t stop because you are taking analgesic medication, it’s stops because you are swalowing it with a glass of water!
  4. Water is the guard of your skin! Moisturizing creams, as good or expensive as they are, will never be able to do the same as proper hydration. If you do not take care of your skin from the inside, buying creams and moisturisers is just throwing money out of the window. Your skin reflects your hydration level back for years. Would you like to have wrinkles as soon as possible? Would you like your skin to lose definitely its elasticity? Do you want to hide in a masquerade called parchment skin? No, no and no! I certainly don’t want to! And I’m convinced that you don’t want it either! If you pierce your skin on the top of your hand and it takes some time to shrink back to its original state, it means you are dehydrated! Try to get used to proper and continuous hydration of your body!
  5. Have you ever felt tiny muscle twitches around your eyes or muscle cramps in your jaws? Dehydration can trigger similar signs like calcium deficiency. Drink enough water!
  6. Urine quality. Yes, I said quality, because not only the color of urine, but also the smell it is a very important factor. In case of darker urine, we can be sure that we are dehydrated. This often involves a stronger smell, too. In such cases, the urine is too concentrated, full of toxins and the filtering mechanism of the kidney is not working properly. So, your body can’t get rid of toxins efficiently. Hydrate!
  7. Having a higher blood pressure. Blood pressure is often the result of decades’s dehydration!
  8. Gout, also known as arthritis. One result of long, decades dehydration is the lack of lubricating, wetting, fluid, dried out of the joints and cartilages. Due to dehydration, toxins, heavy metals are deposited in our joints and lead to pain, painful swellin, inflamed joints, and osteoarthritis. It isn’t a good reason to hydrate?

8 advantages of hydration

  1. Hydration is the first step in the weight loss process! Until you don’t begin to hydrate your body regularly and constantly, this will not be able to get rid of the accumulated toxins and flush the broken fat cells out of your body. Does your washing machine wash only with detergents, without using any water? Well, that’s so simple …
  2. To maintain the health of our muscles, we need water supply in our muscular system. Water helps to transport oxygen to the muscles at cellular level.
  3. In the summer or during warmer days we need to cool down our body so we are sweating harder than normally. We have to replace the water continuously, otherwise we easily dry out.
  4. 75% of our brain consists of water. In case of dehydration, our thinking will slow down, become more uncertain, our capacity for concentration will decrease. Good hydration helps blood circulation and brain oxygenation.
  5. The secret to the preservation of our intact and flexible joints is the hydration!
  6. One of the basics of our intestinal function is the hydration between meals!
  7. Hydration is also one of the key points of our healthy immune system.

Hydrating fluids

  • water, preferably filtered water
  • lemon, lime water
  • ginger water
  • green tea
  • herbal teas

Dehydrating fluids

  • coffee
  • black tea
  • bubbly, flavoured soft drinks (all of which are sugary or with sugar substitutes)

To mantain or regain your health and beauty, have often a sip of water and keep yourself always hydrated. In my future post you can find out how much water or hydrating liquids I drink and I am going to share with as well some easy tricks for those who have a hard time staying hydrated!

How much hydrating liquids do you drink daily? What kind of? Share your story with us! We will be more than happy to read it!





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