Salty Red Pepper And Hot Pepper Paste

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So,  you’re asking me how come my soups can be still delicious without using any cream or thickeners? My answer is fairly simple: I use a lot of homemade salty red pepper and hot pepper paste!

Although it is considered to be a staple ingredient in some old-world countries, chances are, if you’re not from Europe, or more specifically Central Europe, you might not have even heard about it. The good thing is that you can make this wonderfully delicious natural paste within a heartbeat pretty much anywhere on the planet where you have access to fresh red peppers or bell peppers or any other crunchy varieties of the same. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have to be red! Red is just a preference of the Hungarian culture but technically any color pepper will do, taste-wise speaking. Common sense dictates that the appearance of the final outcome is a lot more pleasing when you use peppers of the same color.

In the age of processed foods, it is but a blessing to be able to create not just your meals but their ingredients, as well. This way you have one less thing to worry about when you clean up your eating habits by elminating the additive and preservative-ridden factory-made food items.

Recommend the next two very easy recipes for all of you interested in a healthy lifestyle. All you will need is a kitchen blender what is going to make all the work for you!

Salty red pepper and hot pepper paste

  1. Salty red pepper paste


  • 2 kg washed and clean red pepper (this is like 2.5 kg before cleaning it)
  • 400 g Himalaya salt (200 g for each kilograms)


We will wash the red peppers and remove all their seeds, ground them with the kitchen blender and scale it. After each kilogram of ground red pepper we will add 200 g of Himalaya salt. Be careful to use salt with no iodine. We are going to mix this composition till the salt dizolves.

We will place the composition in a clean, dry container and store them in cold place.

Refrigerate after opening. Always use a clean spoon when you are taking out from the red pepper paste.

  1. Salty hot pepper


  • 2 kg cleaned hot pepper ( this will be around 2.2 before cleaning it)
  • 400 g Himalaya salt

The proportions are the same as in the red pepper paste.

The preparation is little bit different: after we will wash the hot peppers we are going to remove only the red stems and we will keep their seeds. Rest of the process remain the same.


  • always take in consideration the salt contained in this salty pepper pastes  when you are preparing your dishes
  • in the intro part I just make a note about my tasty soups prepared with these delicious pepper pastes, but of course you can use it to any of your dishes, if you feel so
  • you can use this pepper paste for coloring and for food decoration too
  • be carefull if you are seasoning with hot pepper paste, specially if you are preparing the dishes for kids too. It’s better to add some salty hot pepper paste just to your dish.

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